Intro to Essential Oils

Enjoy this video on how essential oils can you on your natural wellness and toxin free journey! 

Essential Oils & The Limbic System

This is an excellent video on the limbic system portion of our brain and how essential oils can help us regulate our emotions. 

Essential Oils and Brain Mapping

This video shows how essential oils affect our brain and aid in healing illness. 

Beauty Industries Toxic Ingredients

Beautycounter has a big goal, of getting safer products into the hands of everyone! Check out this video on their mission. 

Flawless in Five - Clean Makeup Swap

Beautycounters Flawless in Five makeup set is a quick way to switch to cleaner beauty.  Our Chief Artistic Officer, Christy Coleman, has clean makeup down to a science—and she’s ready to show and tell. In #Betterbeauty School, she demonstrates how to achieve easy makeup looks and gives insider makeup tips you didn’t know you needed.